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Weatherveins by Brittany Josie


Local Summit County, CO Poet Brittany Josie

w e a t h e r v e i n s blurs the lines of poetry and turns the medium on its head. There are no rules, and there shouldn’t be. Brittany Josie’s raw words embody feminine strength with a willingness to be vulnerable at all times while throwing in a classic haiku here and there. She writes of subtle sexism hiding in plain sight, the grief of lost relationships, and the pain that setting relationship boundaries can bring. She speaks of her own journey with mental illness and refuses to apologize for being honest. The seasons of her life are the inspiration behind w e a t h e r v e i n s and she writes like a force of nature.


Print Length: 195 pages

ISBN: 979-8676755867

Publication Date: Independently published August 15, 2020 by Amazon LLC

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